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Fresh off the sun-drenched release of ‘Dreamcatcher’ earlier this year, Canadian producer Robotaki continues to build the anticipation for his upcoming album through the soulful groover titled ‘Now That We’ve Been In Love’ that features Pell on vocals.

‘Now That We’ve Been In Love’ encompasses significant groove within its majestic soundscape, courtesy of the ultra-smooth bass lines that drip copious amounts of swagger through each note and the laid back stylings of the drums. With this foundation set in stone, Robotaki adds various splashes of colour throughout the mix before adding the final layer of Pell‘s soulful tones that are pure pleasure to your ears.

When I met with Pell to write the song’s lyrics, he brought it to an even deeper place about love and how it changes with experience.  Our views of love inevitably change with each rendition of it that appears in our lives, whether it’s love for a person or what you do” – Robotaki

Fans can check out Robotaki across North America throughout April/May – check those dates below and then click here for more info! 

Stream: Foreign Family / Inertia Music
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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