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Following on from an impressive start to 2020 which includes performing at St Kilda Festival, Melbourne producer/songwriter Ricky Crisp brings forth an airy electronic/R&B offering titled ‘BE MY LIGHT’ which we’re pumped to be premiering for you today!

‘BE MY LIGHT’ is a masterclass in minimalist production, as Crisp utilises sparkling synths to provide a delicacy to create not only significant room in the mix to work within, but a pristine welcoming into the emotional narrative on offer. With thick synth basses playing off the intricate beats on offer, Crisp plays off these elements to create a buoyant melodic structure in his vocals that demands your attention from the word go.

“The track speaks to a time after a relationship dissolved and how dwelling on these emotions can be so powerful in retrospect. While it’s natural to encounter these feelings, it’s astonishing to realise how our assessment of the situation can change so dramatically over time. Feelings and emotions I thought I had were so strong that it’s incredible to see how these alter in hindsight.” – Ricky Crisp

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