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Prepare yourselves for an absolute thumper of a track courtesy of RACKETT and their blistering new single ‘Oxytoxic’, and their accompanying music video full that will catch you off guard with its in your face nature!

‘Oxytoxic’ slaps you across the face with its ferocious bass and synths tearing through the mix and creating a force not to be messed with. This is further exemplified within the direct and powerful melodies on offer that meld in perfectly with the aforementioned instrumentation to strike away at the listener. If that isn’t enough to please you, then brace yourselves for the imposing music video which sees dancing and bright backdrops splash across the screen to further emphasis the shocking nature of the piece.

“The song is about uncontrollably romanticising about a fictional lover and being overcome by desire for someone you don’t even know, but can play the part.” – RACKETT 

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