Nya Bloom breaks onto the scene in an emphatic manner through the release of his debut single ‘Alright’, the vibrant first glimpse of what’s in store from his upcoming EP ‘Exhale’.

Built around the heavenly falsetto-driven melodies of Bloom, ‘Alright’ manages the balance between light and bright within its soundscape as the backbone brings forth incredible levels of depth. With ultra smooth bass lines blending in beautifully with the hard hitting drums, and the insertion of siren styled synths blaring through the mix, Nya Bloom provides an explosion of colour across this debut that will lock in listeners from the word go.

“‘Alright’ was made when I was going through a big transition, personally and musically. It just fell out of my head in one night after a big dry spell. There was a big relief that came with it, the song just puts me in a good mood and I needed that at that time.” – Nya Bloom

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