NICOLAS – EMOTIONS WE TELL OURSELVES IT IS NOT OK TO FEEL (EP) JUNGLE – ‘Dominoes’ HUMP DAY MIX with NICOLAS Nightjarr – Holding Onto Time (feat. Jingle) [Premiere] ROOSEVELT – ‘Ordinary Love’ ZHU – Revelations (w/ Devault & BabyJake)

With a brief introduction that introduces ‘Utopia’ as the good place and the place that cannot be, Nick AM sets the precedent and tone for his latest EP. Born in New York to Iranian immigrants his artistry strikes a balance between his familial and contemporary influences. Among a first listen, one is deeply struck by how personal work is, as articulate arrangements are oriented among warm tones. Accompanied by organic percussion and hypnotic loops, the sincerity of Nick’s productions thrive in atmospheric soundscapes, without the necessity of lyrical content. Taking an experimental approach to ancestral sounds, the Iranian-American producer’s EP reinterprets his heritage, devising inherited music into contemporary electronic compositions for the new revolution.

Lead single ‘Take It Back’ picks up in a steady stride projecting a series of infinite loops and oriental strings. The club edit serves as an ode to Nick’s coming of age among the city’s underground scene, reimagining the track for a nocturnal utopia of possibilities, recalling the expansive atmosphere of these spaces. The brooding nature of Nick’s productions are evident in the resonating ambience of ‘Thief’. Building off moody percussion and articulate vocal sampling, the track gives the illusion of an eternal soundscape enveloping the listener in an illuminating state. Interpreting the narrative of ‘Utopia’, Nick critically analyses his position among the contemporary world, conveying the fear that comes with conflict between his motherland and current home. A gifted storyteller who uses his compositions to express his intimate chronicles, Nick AM challenges our understanding of the producer, further inviting us into the personal conflicts among his empirical world.

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