When you listen to a track by Lastlings, it’s easy to fall into a melancholic world that engulfs you in a blend of deep house melodies and soft vocals. It’s comforting and emotional, which is exactly how one would describe the duo’s latest single ‘Take My Hand’. 

The lyrics take you on a journey that we’re all too familiar with – letting go of someone you don’t want to. By infusing sizzling synths with sultry pop vocals and deep house elements, ‘Take My Hand’ is a perfect example of how Lastlings have developed a sound that’s both refreshing and extremely intoxicating. 

The duo recently signed with Astralwerks in the US and ‘Take My Hand’ is their first release with their new label, featuring a collection of their best singles released over the last year. In need of a calming escape from today’s tumultuous news cycle? Get lost in ‘Take My Hand’ and drown in layers of velveteen synths and take a deep breath. 

Stream: Rose Avenue / Liberation Records 
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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