Sydney producer Jordan F takes us through a journey back through time with his first release of 2020 titled ‘Without You’ which features the vocal expertise of Gryff.

In true Jordan F fashion, ‘Without You’ takes us on a depth-defying journey filled with a vast array of synths splashing colour across the soundscape, as well as rolling synth bass and thumping drums that lay the retro foundations in tact for the nostalgically inspired vocals of Gryff to add a final layer of polish to an already pristine production.

“I wanted the track to complement a scene to an 80’s heartbreak movie that existed only in my head. It’s about letting go and just being happy and confident with yourself. I approached Gryff with a finished instrumental and he came back with all the lyrics and recordings…his Phil Colins and David Bowie inspired vocals really transformed the track into an upbeat state of euphoria.”Jordan F

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