After giving us his incredible 10-track debut album “Dawn Chorus” just a few months ago, Australian artist/producer cln is already back with some brand-new material in the works and this week he’s giving us the first taste of what he’s been working on with new single, ‘Broken Glass’. 

There’s also a powerful message behind the creation of song itself as it addresses a very confronting matter surrounding Australia’s current climate change crisis…

“Broken glass is a reference to something that is shattered and cannot be restored. This song was written in response to the current state of the climate, particularly the bushfires that we are currently experiencing in Australia. It’s saddening to see politicians tiptoe around climate change issues and focus on financial gain at the expense of everything else. As a result, our climate is suffering and has been damaged in irreparable ways. We need to make significant changes as soon as possible – once our fauna and flora are gone, we can’t get them back.” – cln

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