Following on from the release of his debut EP ‘Intertwine’ last year, Chicago-based producer ALIGN brings forth a bubbly electronic offering full of sparkle titled ‘Second Thoughts’, for which he’s enlisted Becca Krueger on vocals for his first release of the year.

‘Second Thoughts’ begins in a spirited manner with the striking chords from the keys that work hand in hand with Krueger’s delicate vocal approach to ease listeners into the soundscape. As the piece continues, ALIGN subtly brings in more elements, such as the crisp beats and scattered synths, that lead into the euphoric chorus which hits you with an immediate intensification courtesy of the explosion of sound and colour.

“’Second Thoughts’ is something I wrote with the intention of having an overall uplifting atmosphere and vibe. I loved where the track was going instrumentally, and felt like Becca was the missing voice the song needed. Becca’s lyrics provide a really cool balance as she’s narrating something relatable to all of us. I feel that the content of her story and the music itself meet in the middle to provide a nice degree of harmony together.” ALIGN

Stream: Lowly Palace
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