Los Angeles based producer AJ Salvatore returns in 2020 in emphatic style through his brand new single ‘Malibu’, which features the powerful vocal offerings of Honeyfreckle amongst the massive synth-driven influence.

‘Malibu’ utilises a brooding sensation in the early stages of the piece within its bass building away in the backdrop, whilst Honeyfreckle‘s commanding vocals led the charge forward with Salvatore allowing plenty of space in the mix before the explosion of colour and sound takes centre stage in the chorus sections. Once we arrive here, we are met with tantalising synths and piercing drums that shatter the soundscape to its core, and leave listeners in a state of euphoria. 

“This track took almost two years to complete with most of that time being spent trying to find the right vocalist. I couldn’t have been happier to work with Honeyfreckle on this and capture her unique sound.” AJ Salvatore

Stream: Krate Kollective
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