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Drawing from a myriad of elements, the french producer and DJ brings his fourth studio album, and most diversified work to date. From latin flavours to the raw cuts of disco and house production, Yuksek manages to culminate a body of work that reflects his varied arrangements. Known for his remix work of acts like Lana Del Rey, Phoenix, M83, Gorillaz, and Empire of the Sun, Yuksek transforms pop tracks into classic disco hits. ‘NOSSO RITMO’ begins with smooth rhythms of baile funk and jazz. Shimmering under sensual strings, ‘Do Beijo’ sets the tone for the variety of the album. It’s clear that Yuksek has a deep understanding and appreciation of the genres he notes throughout the album, as every song connects back to a generous dose of disco. Lead single ‘Into The Light’ continues to affirm the artists’ capacity to create anthemic dance tracks. Delivering with the dance floor in mind, Yuksek notes Disco icon Sylvester as a direct influence on his music, translating into the pulsing bass and soaring vocals featured in ‘Into The Light’.

Compositions like ‘Universal Love’, or ‘Cadenza’ with Polo and Pan, are testament to Yuksek exploring other sound directions. ‘Cadenza’ takes into account more progressive, tech influenced house, while ‘Universal Love’ finds the producer using instrumentals to convey his dance-driven arrangements. Featuring a number of collaborations with Fatnotronic, Processman, and Zombie Zombie, Yuksek recruits an all-star cast of emerging acts to shine on ‘NOSSO RITMO’. With each track representing a different approach, ‘NOSSO RITMO’ is a timeless work that captures the variety of influences present among today’s contemporary dance music scene.

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