London-based artist Ted Jasper is back to his best in 2020, announcing his new ‘Equinox’ EP with the first glimpse of what’s in store through his new single ‘Stone Cold Kisses’ – a multi-layered, depth defying piece of art.

‘Stone Cold Kisses’ showcases the very best of the smooth Jasper vocals that simply melt right through the mix and become entrenched right in the core. Featuring intricate beats full of an infectious nature, as well as swooping synths and haunting harmonies, ‘Stone Cold Kisses’ covers a mammoth amount of musical inspirations that highlights the artistically driven vision and mastery within his skillset. 

“At least once a month I’ll go through all my unfinished projects and see if there’s anything that jumps out at me. A lot of the time I’ll upload the instrumental to Soundcloud and then listen to it through headphones and go on big walks around London or Cornwall. I’ll just keep walking until I get it, no matter how long it takes. I love putting little references to things I’m reading or thinking about in my songs and that comes a lot easier when I’m on the move.” – Ted Jasper

Stream: Au Contraire
Artist Connect: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

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