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Australian duo SLUMBERJACK bring forth plenty of heat and sheer force with the highly anticipated release of their latest four track EP ‘Black & Blue’ that might be their most impressive offering to date.

Featuring the previous smash hits of ‘Crucified’ and ‘Hades’, SLUMBERJACK deliver two previously unheard tracks in the title track ‘Black & Blue’ and ‘NORF’ that provide listeners with a vast contrast of colour that beautifully compliments the powerful nature that lies within the whole EP composition. With moments of thumping bass, forceful beats and glitchy elements showcased amongst the more lighter synth and melodically driven electronica, SLUMBERJACK literally have something for all lovers of electronic music.

“The Black & Blue EP is the first real ‘LA’ record we’ve released – every song came from a unique experience in the city, whether it was through working with our friends as co-collaborators (‘Black & Blue’, ‘Crucified’, ‘Hades’) or just being inspired by the grittier, almost cyberpunk surrounds (‘NORF’).” – SLUMBERJACK

Stream: Monstercat
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