After providing us with hit after hit across 2019, UK producer Joe Hertz brings forth a soulful glow for us all to bask in with the release of his latest single ‘Fight or Flight’.

With an eclectic percussion setting the mood just right from the word go, Hertz builds the narrative quite nicely through the colourful synths compiled that help further accentuate the quirky melodies of IYAMAH which float majestically through the piece.

“We got in the studio on a day where we just wanted to talk about the mental difficulties we go through as artists trying to be successful at what we do. These days if feels as though there are more people than ever who are suffering from anxiety and stress, in many ways – for many different reasons. We just wanted to make something that captures that, and talk about it. “Fight or Flight” is a song for anyone who relates to those feelings.” – Joe Hertz

Stream: Juicebox
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