Fresh off the release of ‘Robots’ late last year, Sydney artist Friendless and Stereo Jones have brought forth an infectious collaboration that is guaranteed to light up any nightclub in its path titled ‘BOMP’.

‘BOMP’ brings forth a highly infectious nature within its composition, mainly courtesy to the thumping bass and lively beats that are impossible to ignore upon first listen, and the cherry on top being those almost robotic melodies which becoming instantly etched into your membrane. 

Continuing on with that party atmosphere, the accompanying music video (directed by Miranda Middleton and starring Callum Mooney and Jess Goodfellow) showcases the contagiousness that is present within the groove created, as the two dancers showcase an extravagant dance bracket full of vibrancy and colour! 

Nobody knows exactly what BOMP is but you always can tell when someone has it. BOMP dances to its own beat and takes a different path through life. Literally. BOMPS dance wherever they go. And life is always fine for a BOMP, albeit a bit lonely, so when two BOMPS paths cross, things get pretty special. This clip is a prime example of that big BOMP energy”.  – Friendless

Stream: Be Rich Records
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2 thoughts on “Friendless & Stereo Jones – ‘BOMP’

  1. Sonidos says:

    We Look Good!! Thanks for having us.

  2. Great article. Thank you!

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