With the releases of ‘Haunt You’ and ‘Lucky Soul’ in 2019, Ohio outfit Clubhouse are hitting the ground running strong in 2020 with the release of the dark pop offering ‘Anywhere You Go’.

Centred around the mesmerising vocals of lead singer Max Reichert, ‘Anywhere You Go’ builds a solid foundation comprised of the smooth bass and enforcing drums that deliver a mellow tempo throughout the duration of the piece. Without overpowering the mix, Clubhouse subtly inject some welcomed synths to further strengthen the piece in the chorus sections which further entrance the listener alongside the catchy chorus melody. 

“We accidentally wrote this song in the back of the studio room while we were in the middle of recording another song actually. It was one of those songs that kind of just came together super organically in the span of like 30 minutes, so we knew we wanted to put it out since it came out of us so quickly.” – Clubhouse

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