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One of the greatest names to come out of the France disco scene, Yuksek returns to us this week with a cheeky yet groovy taste of his forthcoming LP scheduled for next year titled ‘G.F.Y.’, which includes the soulful melodies of Queen Rose that collectively will get you moving instantly.

‘G.F.Y.’ provides a significant amount of tongue and cheek with its delivery and lyrical content that command a heavy amount of presence amongst the playful and grooving instrumentation. With robust synth bass playing off the vibrant collection of synths utilised, Yuksek proves once again that he is truely on top of his game with such pristine production on offer.

I wrote ‘G.F.Y.’ as a manifesto, a song against old fashioned guys, who can’t figure out how a girl can just dress for herself and dance for her own pleasure.” – Yuksek

“This is a song for independent ladies who step out of the house dressed to catch, not looking for anyone or anything but to have a good time.” – Queen Rose

Stream: Sweat It Out
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