The latest Australian powerhouse duo known as Vlossom, comprised of Nick Littlemore (Empire of the Sun, PNAU) and Alister Wright (Cloud Control), have burst onto the scene with a lush and bright debut single titled ‘Catch Your Breath’ – the first taste of an upcoming EP in 2020 and the first release on Littlemore and Peter Mayes‘ new label Lab78.

‘Catch Your Breath’ beautifully combines electronic and organic instrumentation with minimal ease through the coupling of funky guitars, utterly smooth bass lines and crisp dance beats which is further complimented by the breezy vocals floating above. Accompanied by the Nicolas Randall-directed music video, Vlossom brilliantly showcase a contrasting colour palate within both the setting of a Los Angeles mausoleum and visually pleasing choreographed dancers that truely accentuates the various dimensions created in the lyrical content.

Stream: Lab78
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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