After breaking onto the scene with his debut single ‘What About You’ Dempsey Bolton returns with a super silky and smooth R&B delight titled ‘Wait For It’ which delves into an emotional tale about intimacy within society.

With a throwback evident in the instrumentation compiled, mainly in the keys and bass utilised in the pivotal scenes, ‘Wait For It’ acts as a showcase for the soulful pipes of Bolton to shine in the spotlight. Furthermore, the soundscape created depicts an insecurity and murkiness – a central theme of the lyrical content which is accentuated in the stirring music video.

As explained by Dempsey BoltonIn the end, “waiting for it” (intimacy) becomes a celebration as indicated by the punchy beat and dance atmosphere. The song ends with the simple phrase “it’s alright”, signifying a change in mindset and an acceptance that it’s okay to have reservations about intimacy and to have to communicate different expectations with your partner.’

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