With this years releases of ‘Otherside’ and ‘Cali’ amassing over 2 million streams across Spotify, Young Franco continues to provide us with some of the coolest music going around – and in his latest single ‘Angel’ (featuring Abhi The Nomad) the trend strongly continues.

‘Angel’ encompasses a free flowing groove created in the tight sounding drums that is further accentuated by the extremely vibrant combination of keys and rhythmic guitars. With Abhi The Nomad‘s charismatic melodies simply melting across the soundscape with each individual note, Young Franco ensures that ‘Angel’ will be in high rotation all summer long!

“Angel for me is about doing things for yourself and getting rid of any negativity in your life. It’s really a feel good song to me. I want people to be able to listen to it in any situation. When Abhi sent back vocals, I immediately fell in love with it. I hope you do too.”Young Franco

Stream: Of Leisure
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