With a plethora of music under his belt in 2019, including various EPs, singles and YouTube videos, LA songwriter/producer Unlike Pluto is set to wrap up the year through his final release of the year – the ‘life in minor’ EP which is out now courtesy of Heroic.

What is most notable in the ‘life in minor’ EP is the vast array of colour presented in this seven track composition, whereby Unlike Pluto has delivered moments of uplift, darkness and atmospheric ambiance through clever manipulation of blackened bass piercing through the mix, an eclectic depth of synths utilised and those silky smooth vocals that ooze swagger and charisma through each bouncy melody.

“After writing and releasing a song a week for months, I decided to step back and reflect. I felt like I was living ‘life in minor’, in one chord. For this EP, I took relatable topics and things everyone goes through, but had a surreal approach to the lyrics. This left everything up for interpretation, in an attempt to be sure no one could feel one way from the song, (like I was feeling). I also decided to make the fans a part of the last song by voting on the topic – They all voted “Sanity? Never heard of it.” – Unlike Pluto

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