There arguably haven’t been many artists that have had the emphatic rise across 2019 like TWO LANES have. With remixes for the likes of Running Touch and Benji Lewis, as well as the release of their EP ‘Drifting’ amassing enormous amounts of acclaim across the world, the electronic duo have brought on Price Park, Tim Schaufert, FLAWS, Wolfskind & Dario Lessin and NOKO for their ‘Drifting’ remix EP that is sure to have something for everyone.

Delving deep into the realms of indie/electronic across these five diverse remixes, all of the aforementioned remix artists have cleverly found the fine point between maintaining the elegance and lushness of TWO LANES‘ sound we’ve come to know and love, and making their own imprint known on the tracks – and they’ve provided a resounding polish on each offering.

‘Back Down’ – Price Park Remix

‘Drifting’ – Tim Schaufert Remix

‘Back Down’ – FLAWS Remix

‘The East’ – NOKO Remix

‘Back To You’ – Wolfskind & Dario Lessin Remix

Stream: Lowly
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