Fresh off the release of the stunning single ‘Devil May Cry’, Melbourne hip-hop/R&B artist SXINT P follows up in style through the release of his latest EP ‘Nocturne’ that showcases significant growth so early on in his career!

‘Nocturne’ provides us with a raw and intimate look inside the world of SXINT P, with the emotionally driven track listing striking a relatable chord instantly with each listener. Through the use of crisp beats and the outpouring lyrics on offer, ‘Nocturne’ lives up to its name with a late night visuals created in our heads through its brooding production base.

“I’m hoping people will realise that showing your emotions is not a sign of weakness. It’s natural and I think necessary to reach out for help so that we don’t lose our human connection. We don’t have to be ashamed or hide our sadness or depression.”SXINT P

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