Whilst currently on tour across Australia supporting Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Brisbane three-piece Shadow Jenkins follow up on their debut single ‘Wild’ with their second release titled ‘PARIS’ which features MTNS on vocals.

‘PARIS’ utilises an ambient soundscape at first glance to begin proceedings, mainly evident through the warmth inherited within the synths that work hand in hand alongside the majestic vocals on offer. Once the chorus arrives, we see a lift in intensity through the buzzing bass and powerful drums that pierce through the mix whilst throwing in splashes of colour such as the dreamy guitar riffs on offer to transport you into enlightenment. 

The song was birthed out of the band’s recent travels through Europe. Using Paris as the ultimate metaphor of desire and longing, the song lures you into a trance with a hypnotic beat and a focus on Simpson’s vocal. In collaboration with MTNS vocalist Tom Eggert, the songs chorus melody creates a dreamy and mesmerising feel that will leave you wanting more. The song continues to explode into life with punchy drums, distorted bass tones and textured synths. Paris is a song filled with vivid imagery that envelops you like the historic warmth in the romanticism of Parisian culture.’ – Shadow Jenkins

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