Bringing forth those summer vibes through an extremely vibrant and uplifting soundscape, San Diego producer Rad Cat returns fresh off his recent release of ‘alright’ by teaming up with Lacey James for ‘Love Me’.

Showcasing the emphatic and striking nature of synth/pop at its absolute best, ‘Love Me’ centres itself around the bright and warm synths that are so critical to the piece’s structure which forms a cohesive bond with the tantalising synth bass pushing through the backbone. Featuring the powerful beats that pierce away, ‘Love Me’ sets a pristine foundation for Lacey James‘ commanding vocals to lure us in at first, then entrance all of our senses for the remainder of the duration.

“I’ve always been a fan of the synthwave/synthpop genres and this track was definitely inspired by that, with my own lil twist of course. I’m happy y’all get to finally hear it, hope you like it ❤️.” – rad cat

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