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Just a few weeks ago Miami Horror made a triumphant return with their brand new single ‘Luv Is Not Enough’, which also came with news of their third album being set for release in 2020.

Miami Horror are currently on tour across North America trying out their new six-piece band which now includes Reva Devito, Queen Magic and TC Milan, and to top all of that off they’ve also now just announced that they will be hitting the road across Australia in December with MUTO, Northeast Party House and Kesmar on support!

Needless to say we jumped at the chance for a chat with founding member Ben Plant to ask where it all began for him…

“So I dont think this was exactly my first CD (“Discovery by Daft Punk”), but it was the first one to make a huge impact on me. It was a case of right place and right time. I had managed to avoid the pop music world of primary school and jumped straight into a phase of indie rock (The Strokes, The White Stripes) and nu-metal in my teenage years. At that point I found most dance & club music one dimensional – it had felt either too cheesy or too generic besides a few exceptions like “Music Sounds Better With You” and a few early Chemical Brothers tracks. Usually you’d hear people pumping techno from their cars or you’d hear late 90s dance anthems on the radio, I didn’t really like it. Somehow Daft Punk opened the door to listeners of other genres, it had funk, it had energy, it had human feel, it even brought in synthetic guitar solos suddenly and theatrical elements like church bells that no other dance music artists would have dared to create.

The use of vocoder and autotune was used to further the “robot” theme of the album which again was really out there. Along with the perfect design of the robot helmets and Interstellar 555 anime it may genuinely be the most conceptual dance record that has ever existed.

I have always been enamored by creations when I can’t comprehend how they were made. Discovery was the first time I felt that feeling. Every song had its own sounds and a huge amount of originality, but somehow the vision felt consistent. How did they come up with so many original sounds? I thought. I was lucky enough to not know that Daft Punk used samples at the time which helped me fall for the album. I later learned that a huge portion of their ‘genius’ was pulled from different disco artist which although broke the illusion it opened me up to appreciating the album in a new way and my love for sampling.

It inspired me immensely and I’d likely not have the music career I have without this album existing. The main takeaway that I got from it was to try to have a grand vision and to make every song special. It gave me the motivation to try harder, to avoid an album sounding like a variation of the same song over and over like most do. Each song should have a strong level of novelty. My ideas have since changed, but I try to carry that spirit and inspiration that it first gave me. The care and detail is exceptional. Even now 15 years on and having discovered most of the music that would have inspired this album, I still cannot fathom how someone could come up with that.”

Let’s take a trip back to the year 2000 and lose ourselves in the sounds of ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk, and then be sure to check out Miami Horror’s new single ‘Luv Is Not Enough’ as well. 

Miami Horror are on tour across North America right and the Australian shows kick off on December 6th – check the tour dates below and then click here for ticketing info!

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