It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan Baths, and while I’m not talking about the wet kind, I do get a little bit wet when I hear he has some new music on the horizon. 

Baths has released a brand-new track this week called ‘Wistful (Fata Morgana)’ which also comes with news of a whole new album, but to top all of this off Baths is actually heading Down Under next week to perform at Melbourne Music Week and at The Lansdowne in Sydney as well – excitement overload!


“My First CD was probably ‘Running With Scissors’ by “Weird Al” Yankovic? 1999. 20 years ago? Jeeeeesus. I remember being so excited that his name was Weird Al, which I heavily identified with as a 10-year-old. Also I didn’t know any of the original songs that he was doing parodies of, so the ~concept~ escaped me, and I just heard the album as a collection of strange pop songs that all had something totally different. Some songs were his own originals and I liked them just as much, if not more, than his parodies.

I’m sure my sense of humor at the time lined up pretty well, but more than anything, listening to ‘Running With Scissors’ made me feel smart. I was particularly obsessed with the 11-and-a-half-minute closing track “Albuquerque” (worth noting— it’s an original) which was super dense with shiny new vocabulary for my impressionable kid brain. At one point I had the entire song memorized. However I feel about it now, it truly is unlike anything I’ve heard before or since.

My most honest memory about ‘Running With Scissors’ was that it just felt good to listen to. It became a big part of my identity at the time. I kind of felt seen for the first time? I didn’t have anyone directly telling me that weirdness was a good thing in my life, so Weird Al appeared to me as this deity of goofiness, that you can be weird and be celebrated for it, and there is value in being different. Without knowing it at the time I think I definitely took that to heart.”

Let’s take a listen to ‘Albuquerque’ by Weird Al Yankovic from 1999 which does go for over 11 minutes so get settled, and then be sure to check out Baths’ new single ‘Wistful (Fata Morgana)’ just below that. 

Ticketing info for both Melbourne & Sydney shows can be found here!

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