Los Angeles artist Le Youth delves into a new territory full of an array of colour and deep house influence through the release of his brand new instrumental EP ‘Aquiver’ which is out now via Lane 8‘s label ‘This Never Happened’.

Comprised of three tracks, ‘Aquiver’ builds from humble insertions of colour that mark the beginning of the sonic journeys that you are about to embark on. With playfully upbeat tempos utilised in the drums, as well as  hypnotising synths and arpeggios that become entranced in your brain, Le Youth showcases a profound new direction in sound that should translate in a mass appreciation globally.

“This E.P. marks a turning point in my progression as an artist. Over the last year, I’ve been exploring new sounds in the studio and Lane 8 has been a massive inspiration to me, so I was ecstatic when he wanted to release these tracks…. It’s opened up a new avenue of endless possibilities and that can be hard to find for any artist who’s been in the game for an extended period of time. I’m now making (what I consider) my best work to date.”  – Le Youth

Stream: This Never Happened
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