New Zealand producer La Felix has had a pretty busy 2019 with a string of exceptional singles and remixes, but before the year is out he has one more very tasty single to share with us called ‘Healing’, which features the vocal stylings of Los Angeles singer/songwriter glasscat.                 

Following in a similar vein as his recent releases, ‘Healing’ basks in a warm glow from the word go, through the injection of rising synths that work hand in hand with glasscat’s airy vocal that builds to an explosion of sound in the funkified chorus.

“The vocals for “Healing” were actually written separately by glasscat and glued with another track I had made previously. I felt the vibe was off, so I started from scratch and created the instrumental based off her recording. Trying to match the vibe and mood was actually quite difficult and took a couple of attempts but I think I got there in the end!”

And boy did it work! 

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