Having provided us with some seriously funky tunes of late such as ‘Have It All’ and ‘C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)’, Australia’s Cosmo’s Midnight continue to provide fans with a platform for a boogie with their latest addition to their catalogue titled ‘It’s Love’ which features Matthew Young on vocals.

‘It’s Love’ provides a riveting contrast between a luscious soundscape full of shimmering instrumentation and groove, and the emotional lyricism delving into a tale about relationships taking a turn for the worse. Cosmo’s Midnight perfectly maintain this balance through the hypnotising nature of the bass and guitar combination whilst utilising the playful R&B stylings of Matthew Young to transfer the attitude into the tempo.

”’It’s Love’ with Matt is pretty much a mash of styles we’ve enjoyed over the last few years, from Manchester sound to disco and funk. The song came about so quickly, we just had this crunchy beat going and cosmo played this really aggressive funky bass line that just sets a really strong pace. When we were writing it in NZ and recording with Matt we felt the song suited a more realistic narrative. About how relationships can turn bad the moment you allow yourself to be vulnerable and that people aren’t necessarily bad but relationships can turn people into someone they weren’t. We often try to have these kind of two-sides to our lyrics and production where the beats are upbeat and dancey but the lyrics are more sombre.” – Cosmo’s Midnight

Stream: Nite High / Sony Music
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