After working alongside the likes of TennysonLido and Galimatias, London producer Beau Diako brings forth his debut solo EP titled ‘Flutter’ which is as breezy and laid back as they come.

Featuring the likes of Emawk, Totu, Raelee Nikole, Jordan Rakei and Claudia Bouvette, ‘Flutter’ covers significant ground across its six individual track listing with a carefree feeling carried forth throughout all of them. Through an infusion of indie, jazz and neo-soul in the instrumentation, Beau Diako captivates all of your senses with a truely stimulating journey.

“Flutter was built throughout the last year and a half as a new start for myself. Most of the songs started from small guitar ideas that I would try and grow the production around as naturally as I could, influencing the name ‘Flutter’ as I felt it reflected the light and floaty sound of the music and guitars. I’m fortunate enough to have some extremely talented friends from all over, who I’m so honoured and grateful to feature throughout.” – Beau Diako

Stream: Beau Diako
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