Fresh off the release of his debut self-titled album, French producer Zimmer brings forth a dark and murky offering alongside Australia’s own Panama titled ‘Make It Happen’.

With this being the first of two collaborations between the two artists on this album, ‘Make It Happen’ takes some influence from the ‘Stranger Things’ styled soundscapes with its alluring nature creating a near futuristic atmosphere that works in well with Panama‘s enthralling tones that draw echoes of James Blake throughout the duration of the piece.

As mentioned above, the futuristic soundscape is further accentuated by the gripping music video accompanying the release. Directed by Claire Palisser, the music video further explores the imagination of the French producer who explains “It’s a video about sensation, for me the image and the live scenography are an integral part of my art, it’s this atmosphere that allows me to put the listener in the state I’m looking for“.

Stream: Roche Musique
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