After recently providing us with a deep house groover titled ‘if it fits’, NYC producer warner case follows up in impressive style through the release of his latest EP ‘dance music for dancing, vol. 1’.

Full of insatiable groove and irresistible dance vibes, ‘dance music for dancing, vol. 1’ is a solid foundation of upbeat music that showcases the production prowess of warner case in his ultimate form.

‘Frankly, “dance music for dancing, vol.1” is for the tunes my gut always loved but other people weren’t sure about. we artists often send our music around to a lot of people for feedback, and the ones they all like are usually what gets released. but those songs aren’t always successful anyway, so why not release the ones that were special to just me? these are my gut’s picks. hope you like them. if not, whatever — i still do.’ – warner case

Stream: warner case
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