After collaborating on his latest album ‘Solar Nights’ in the single ‘Automatic’, German producer Satin Jackets combines once again with Australia’s own Panama for a dreamy new release ‘Electric Blue’.

‘Electric Blue’ delivers a incredibly vibrant colour palate from the word go, with a lushness compiled in the synths and smooth bass partnership which is lathered up amongst Panama‘s dreamy melodies that ensures the late night nu-disco vibe is carried through for the whole duration. 

“Working with Jarrah on ‘Automatic’ was a real pleasure and right away we both knew that we’d want to work with each other again. Luckily, as it happens, we didn’t have to wait too long! I always say that work on the next album starts the minute the last one was released and I’d already had some ideas that I thought would suit Jarrah. We quickly realised we had something here and in the end ‘Electric Blue’ was one of those tracks where everything clicked and it just came together really quickly.” – Satin Jackets

Stream: Eskimo Recordings
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