The legends from Output, Motorik, UNDRCtrl and Unknown Records combine forces to launch the Output Super Club in both Sydney and Wollongong on the same huge night!

Taking place on Saturday 12th December at Roundhouse in Sydney and Waves in Wollongong, Output Super Club is bringing forth a night of blistering lighting and incredible sets from the likes of Willaris. KSet MoLex Deluxe and many many more across the events.

Willaris. K [LIVE]
Set Mo [LIVE]
Jensen Interceptor
Lex Deluxe
Willaris. K [DJ Set]
Jensen Interceptor
Tim Engelhardt [LIVE]
Unknown Associates
Lex Deluxe
Stevie Nyx
Ashlea Milinkovic
Tickets for Output Super Club can be purchased by clicking here.