US producer OTR teams up with Australia’s own Panama for a soaring piece of electronica titled ‘Drive’ that intertwines moments of elegance and intensity throughout its gripping duration.

‘Drive’ utilises the ominous tones of Panama to build the narrative alongside the subtle but rising nature of the keys that injects a visual stimulation of dusk into the listeners brains. Once we arrive at the chorus, this is where we see the prowess of OTR at its finest. With sheer power and ferocity evident in the synths, as well as the deepened percussion and echoed Panama vocals, ‘Drive’ takes you on an extremely profound journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The instrumental for “Drive” was the start of me experimenting with my new sound and Panama set the tempo for the project. When writing ‘Drive’ I knew I wanted to build a world around movement and conflict created by this sort of momentum of sound. Panama adding his flair of vulnerability was exactly what the track needed to make it one of those late night drive songs.” – OTR

Stream: Astralwerks
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