UK producer Louis La Roche delivers an energetic offering full of electricity titled ‘Better’ that delves into forgetting about a breakup through letting it all go.

Magnetising us from the word go courtesy of Lucy Pearson‘s breezy melodies, ‘Better’ buzzes through its duration due to its clear focus on depth in its synth composition that enforces the high octane energy alongside the smooth synth bass and tight beats grooving away in the backdrop. 

“The demo was written in 2017. I sang the first verse, bridge and chorus (I still have it somewhere). I sent the song over to Lucy and she sent it back with all my parts re-sung as well as a second verse and middle 8, plus all the lovely stacked vocal harmonies. With a lot of the album tracks, they started out as me humming or singing ideas over my instrumentals and the collaborator really understanding where it needed to be taken, to help with my vision.” – Louis La Roche

Stream: Ever After Records
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