Harla is a new project from a producer out of Melbourne who had made some music that was a bit outside of his usual style and needed a way to be able to share it with all of us. He’s decided to remain nameless for the time-being as to not confuse hias different projects, but for those who know that face will know without doubt that they are in for quite a treat with this debut single, ‘When You’re Lonely’.

“It all started on my Akai MPK, playing around with live performance adlibs, old samples and new synths. I was keen to experiment with some new sounds which ultimately led to the tight and energetic hook. I borrowed some elements from tech house and combined them with my interest in more melodic aspects of electronic music. Trying to record elements without quantisation has been fun and challenging, as well as recording the vocals with a more soulful and emotive lyrical delivery. Despite house music often sounding mechanic or robotic, I was keen to retain a sense of looseness to the track.

I particularly enjoyed working on this track with my girlfriend, who lent her ear from the perspective of a listener rather than a producer. We relayed ideas back and forth with the ultimate intention to create a track with commercial appeal that still remained true to my roots. It was nice to have her suggestions when I was second-guessing sample choices, given that house music deals with a minimal slate of sounds. She also contributed to the backing vocals after much protest.” – Harla. 

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