Continuing to provide us with a vast array of releases in 2019, bensbeendead returns once again with an R&B inspired offering titled ‘Care For You’ that depicts an emotional tale of feeling cemented in a relationship.

Driven by the tight percussion piercing away in the backdrop, ‘Care For You’ brings through a hefty emotional message which is further accentuated by the commanding presence in the accompanying vocals that plays off the groove created in the drums to perfection. Providing a haunting sensation with alluring harmonies floating about, bensbeendead ensures that listeners are kept on the edge of their seat & wanting more in arguably his most impressive release to date.

“Care For You is a song for anyone in a relationship who feels stuck, giving constantly yet never receiving the same reciprocated love and energy that they feel they expend. This song details the story of one finally feeling that love reciprocated in the form of one free night out; a night where they can let loose and have as much fun as possible while their partner promises to be there at the end to get them whatever they need and to get them home safely.” – bensbeendead

Stream: Block The Wind Records
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