Los Angeles producer AObeats combines with Satica and swimcoach for a booming display of hip-hop/R&B through their brand new collaboration ‘bs sometimes’.

With a simplistic nature in the instrumentation, mainly composed of the booming bass lines and trap beats, ‘bs sometimes’ utilises the playfulness in the lyrics and melodies of both artists to drive home a lively tempo throughout the tracks duration to strike a chord with each listener.

“Satica and I work a lot together and we were in the studio one day and she started playing this guitar riff and then she did that like vocal chop melody thats in the beat, and then we chopped it up and made a beat, and then she started humming the hook and the rest just kinda filled out! Then we wanted to get someone else on the song and I had been working a bunch with Swimcoach who’s super dope and he came in and killed his verse and here we are today!”aobeats

Stream: Moving Castle
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