Brooklyn producer Moon Boots continues to make fans beg and plead for his upcoming album ‘Bimini Road’ through the late night jam of ‘Clear’, which features Nic Hanson crooning away on vocals.

Coming through with a hazy instrumentation base that is heightened through Hanson’s captivating high end vocals, ‘Clear’ is simply irresistible with its infectious groove in the drums that definitely will get you going on the dance floor. 

‘The process of creating ‘Clear’ was so seamless. When I was writing the lyrics in the studio I was in the process of coming out of a haze I had been in for a little bit, and I felt like I was finally returning to being able to create without forcing it. That effortlessness on both ends translated to a really clean energy when we were making it.’ – Moon Boots

Fans can catch Moon Boots on his upcoming tour across USA, Canada and the UK on the below dates – click here for more info.

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