Returning with a stunning new offering, Chinese-Canadian musician Monsune (Scott Zhang) guides listeners through a new EP that touches on themes of growth and adulthood. The debut project conveys feelings of infatuation, diaspora, and a general sense of uncertainty that comes with the inevitable transitions in life. Drawing from icons such as Prince, Outkast, Mazzy Star, and J Dilla, Monsune effortlessly showcases these influences into a dazzling body of left-field indie tracks.

As the artist admits, ‘Tradition’ EP, “is pretty much all over the place, but it’s probably a good representation of my confusion as a young adult in this weird day & age.” The project explodes into a texture of colours with lead track, ‘Tradition’, recontextualizing nostalgic sounds into a contemporary space. Taking from a number of old and new records, the EP work heavily relies on using a variety of samples. This meticulous approach also carries into Monsune’s visual identity, as the ‘Tradition’ cover work functions as its own bold statement.

Each track on ‘Tradition’ unravels with a playful structure; conceptualised with an indie edge allowing flexibility in traversing rich soundscapes. Closing track ‘Jade’ departs from this method, taking a more acoustic route. Softly alluding to a distant love, Monsune thoughtfully concludes on his most enthralling work yet.

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