We first discovered Californian artist Matt Lockshaw just a few months ago when he sent us two new tunes, ‘A Mediocre Pop Song’ & ‘Better Than Ever’, while also making promise of a debut album that would be coming our way very soon. 

That album was released last week, it’s called “Balance” and it features a generous nine-track collection of Matt Lockshaw’s sweet sad-boy-pop sound and style, and I think you’re going to really enjoy it. 

“The album speaks on the necessity of having both low and high moments in life, covering my own experiences with love, melancholy, nostalgia and self reflection. The album is split into two sides, the first 4 songs being somber/introspective and the last 4 songs being happy/positive, with the title track “Balance” being the dividing song of the two sections, which takes a bit of both side in it’s lyrics.

I started writing these songs as an attempt to be more aware of my mental state when both good and bad situations present themselves and to always keep the bigger picture in mind.” – Matt Lockshaw

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