With her first single in nearly three years after various collaborations with Flume, as well as being added to next years Laneway festival, Perth’s KUČKA is back with an atmospheric offering titled ‘Drowning’ that delves into leaving her home for a relocation to LA. 

Featuring some co-production from Flume, ‘Drowning’ creates significant space in the soundscape for KUČKA‘s intimate vocals to take centre stage amongst the emphatic percussion and brooding synths that take flight in the intensified ending periods. The accompanying video directed Dillon Howl and KUČKA takes place in her hometown of Liverpool with a thrilling game of hide and seek.

“The lyrics of Drowning originated from intense imagery I saw when we first started producing the track. The textures we used made me think of someone lying just underneath the surface of a lake. I thought about my own life and times where I felt I was barely able to keep afloat and wanted to capture that feeling, but also wanted the track to feel optimistic as I definitely wasn’t in that place anymore. I felt like the delicacy of the vocals showed this vulnerability but the distorted beats showed power and I love how they work together to create a jagged yet beautiful texture” – KUČKA

Stream: Soothsayer
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