After four very impressive lead-singles and months of teasing with promise of his debut album, Australian artist cln now delivers “Dawn Chorus”; a 10-track collection of beautifully soothing electronica that is infused with elements of downtempo, pop and R&B. 

Having spent a large amount of time conceptualising the track listing over the years, “Dawn Chorus” serves as an ode to cln’s passion for our wildlife, in particular bird conservation. This passion has acted as a catalyst for the soundscapes and vision of the composition.

‘I worked on this album in three different countries and some of the songs have been in the works for over three years. Some of them were started and finished a week before the album deadline. I wasn’t expecting them to make the album, but they ended up feeling like a good fit.

When I’m not working on music, I spend a lot of my time working with native Australian birds. I work on a few different research and education projects and am very passionate about bird conservation. As part of all this bird work, I spend a lot of time outdoors which has resulted in the album largely being inspired by natural sounds. I didn’t set out trying to make an album that sounded like bird calls. Rather, when I was making the album, I tried to channel the feelings that I get when I’m out in the middle of nowhere. Natural noises aren’t always tranquil and beautiful, so I tried to make an album with a bit of variety.’ – cln

Spread across 10 individual offerings which includes previous singles ‘Waiting For You’, ‘Own Skin’, ‘Fade To Grey’ and his latest single ‘Change My Mind’, this album provides us with an array of colour through the use of eclectic beats, sombre pads and enthralling vocals that lure you in and leave you wanting more.

‘I envisioned this album as something that you can put on when you are driving or walking through a beautiful place. I hope that it can be complementary to the things that you see and hear.’ – cln 

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