Brisbane’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic continues to lead the charge on atmospheric bliss in Australia through the enthralling release of ‘Summer ’09’ that will captivate you immensely. 

Depicting a raw and emotional tale of losing someone close to you, ‘Summer ’09’ brings forth a beautiful soundscape between the haunting vocals, ambient pads and sombre guitars that ensure the thick layer of fog that’s injected into the mix encapsulates every little inch.

The accompanying video directed by Max Galassi builds further on the meaning behind the lyrics, with various scenes of playfulness and sadness shown to a bright conception that showcases the contrast on offer.

“At the end of 2017, I got the call that one of my closest friends had died completely out of the blue. We had grown up inseparable; always playing sport and music together all the way to playing on stage together with me for the first Vancouver Sleep Clinic shows.  My world was flipped upside down and it took days to think properly and months before I could even stomach the idea of writing again. 

It wasn’t until a year later, when I was in Bali with my friends and it was raining outside. My friend Luke started playing these chords on his guitar, and everything that had been bottled up inside of me since my friend passed suddenly flooded onto the page. That song became “Summer ‘09,” my way to forever immortalise our special connection and those memories from our youth.” – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

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