Focusing on recurring themes of love and distance, sobhhï’s latest single ‘imagine that’ attempts to grapple with yearning that accompanies faraway lovers. Centred around the ideas of unattainable lust, ‘imagine that’ unfolds like an open stream of consciousness. The Dubai based R&B artist nurtures an atmospheric soundscape channeling authentic songwriting and strategic production.

When speaking on the songwriting process sobhhï comments, “traveling frequently makes it difficult to have the same kind of relationships with people that you would if you were neighbours. This is bedroom soul about my favourite topic, distance. And it reads like a letter; it’s part of a larger dialogue.

This large dialogue in ‘imagine that’ further adapts his self-dubbed trap-soul nocturnal sound. Creating his compositions with a moody palette, ‘imagine that’ seeks to contextualise sobhhï’s personal understanding of distance hoping to resonate with listeners. His wildly imaginative and calculated approach to creating his introspective songs gives us further exposition to his upcoming colour-themed EP (following up RED I, RED II, BLACK I).

Stream: sobhhï
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