One of Australia’s finest hip-hop artists REMI brings forth a twisted visual accompaniment for his grooving new single ‘5 A.M.’, which is sure to spook you instantly.

Directed by Indian-Australian cinematographer Barun Chatterjee (known for his work on Sampa The Great’s ‘OMG’) and staring REMI, Sensible J and feature artist Whosane, the ‘5 A.M.’ video takes place in an abandoned funeral parlour inMelbourne’s northern suburb with a Dr. Frankenstein theme that thrills your senses through every second.  

“When writing 5 A.M. I really wanted it to be like a trippy short film. Starting in a place familiar to many people, a drug-infused relationship, but ending with a twist that was dramatic and abrupt. The changing musical landscape helped create different scenes and by the end, to me, it felt like Trainspotting if it was directed by Pedro Almodovar.” – REMI

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