Canadian producer NICOLAAS brings forth a charismatic and attention grabbing music video for his hit single ‘Real Escape’ that will get you up on your feet dancing.

Directed by JB Proulx (Charlotte Cardin, Black Queen and Nate Husser) and produced by Romeo & Fils (Charlotte Cardin, Mark Ronson and Loud), the music video moves from the template of an Instagram story into a full length offering which turns into a dance breakdown full of vintage moves.

“‘Real Escape’, for me, was about making the ordinary extraordinary. The song’s infectious energy just makes you want to let loose. I wanted to show that regardless of the mundanity of everyday life situations, you can take control and decide at any moment to have a real escape. Our character’s commute to the metro, which could be an ordinary walk, turns into an epic dance performance to demonstrate this concept.” – NICOLAAS

Stream: Haven Sounds
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