Perth lads Crooked Colours have been pretty busy this year, what with dropping their new album, wrapping up an Australian tour and kicking off a massive European / North American tour to-boot.  

The boys will also be heading back to Australia in November for the Grapevine Gathering festivals which are taking place in Victoria, New South Wales & Western Australia, and while all of this madness is at full strength we thought we’d check in with Liam Merrett-Park (drummer) to ask where his love of music began…

I got Savage Garden’s self-titled album on cassette when I was six years old. My family was on a trip around Australia and I listened to it on my Walkman so many times that it didn’t last the journey. I’m pretty sure it unravelled during a brief stop in Kimba.

This was the first time I had music that was my own. I wasn’t listening to my parent’s music or that of my older siblings and it also wasn’t Peter Combes. It was my very own ‘adult’ music and I loved it.

My dad always had Deep Purple or Michael Jackson on which I knew sounded good but since that music wasn’t my own discovery, I didn’t have that same connection.

So, it was overwhelming as it was the first time I remember feeling really connected to music.

When I was young, I was always super inquisitive about how things worked and how parts come together to function as a whole, and this album was no different. I thought about the process they would have gone through to bring all of the individual elements into one finished song. I thought it was so cool that these two guys made this awesome electronic-pop album that didn’t sound like anything I had heard before. I didn’t have a clue how they did it, but I knew I wanted to find out and it really influenced me to want to be in a band.

My favourite song was ‘To the Moon and Back’. The imagery of someone being in space had my six-year-old mind reeling, not to mention that Spanish inspired guitar solo at the end! It is still one of my favourite solos to this day!

Let’s all have a little swoon to the sounds of ‘To the Moon and Back’ by Savage Garden, and then you can lose yourself in Crooked Colours’ brand-new album ‘Langata’. 

Other acts on the Grapevine Gathering lineup include Two Door Cinema Club, Flight Facilities, Crooked Colours, Mallrat, Touch Sensitive and Late Nite Tuff Guy to name a few – check the full lineup below and then click here for ticketing info!

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